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Zyxel Firewall Monitoring App for Splunk

In today's computing world, firewall is must for network security system build, as it prevents unauthorized access to or from a private network. It monitors and controls incoming and outgoing network traffic based on predetermined security rules.

Below are the major use cases for this app are to investigate

  • Zyxel firewall info
  • Usage statistics
  • Security inspection

The Zyxel firewall monitor app is based on logs that has being forwarded to splunk by receiving at port 514 which is default. Also the apps default setting for index, sourcetype is being saved in Eventtype, you can change this setting as per your configuration from the link provided in apps home dashboard.

osTicket Addon - Support Ticket System

OS Ticket Addon for Splunk is an alert action which creates ticket, when an alert is triggered in Splunk. The addon uses API key to communicate with OS Ticket Platform. Also multiple parameters would be required to create tickets in OS Ticket Platform

OS Ticket Addon for Splunk provides a dashboard which will gives an overview of:

  • Successfully created tickets
  • Detailed overview of tickets
  • Analysis of failure over week
  • Payload details of tickets