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AWS Lambda Alert Action

The AWS Lambda Call Addon for Splunk Enterprise, it provides custom alert action and dashboard for AWS Lambda server logs. Dashboard contains success rate, error rate for lamba calls and custom drill-downs. Which is useful to gain visibility and add insights to your aws lambda function logs.

Using this App: When an alert is triggered,It will automatically call the respective AWS Lambda function. AWS lambda function will provide a response which can be visible in splunk dashboard. Splunk Admin can easily track counts of AWS Lambda triggered via Splunk Dashboard.

AWS Lambda App for Splunk Enterprise provides a dashboard which will gives an overview of:

  • Count of successful triggered Lambda Calls
  • Error Count of triggered the Lambda Calls
  • Latest Payload Details of Successful and Error Lambda Calls
  • Graphical Representation Of Success Count & Error Count

Microsoft SMTP App for Splunk

The SMTP IIS Add-on for Splunk, use this to onboard SMTP data to Splunk in W3C Extended Log File Format. It further gives highly optimized Splunk dashboards, reports and alerts for Simple mail transfer protocol server logs.

Using this App: Make required changes in given eventypes and onboard SMTP IIS server logs using the UF from data server also configure timezone in props.conf indexer.

Microsoft SMTP App for Splunk provides a dashboard which will gives an overview of:

  • Daily count of Total, Outbound, Bounced and Erroneous with a trend line
  • Drilldown for Outbound email and Bounced Email event details
  • Error code generated while mail transaction will get captured with issue details. Drill down for error details
  • Error code statistics gives statistical data for all generated error codes

Reports: Reports are used to show information about all the error code, outbound email sent and bounced email details.

Alerts : Alerts will get triggered as per scheduling and triggering condition for error code, outbound email sent and bounced email event occurrence.

Gogs App for Splunk

Gogs application is a Version control System (VCS) software. It can also be used to control Splunk Configuration. The Gogs app for splunk offers a rich set of pre-built dashboards to analyze and visualize data from Gogs – including file created, modified, deleted, issues, pull request, commits, fork and release - all in single, free app.

Each dashboard panel contains dynamic inputs like select repository, user name and time. Below are the major use cases for this app are to investigate

  • Home Dashboard has overall summary for all records
  • Files Navigation contains info about file added, modified, removed and also total no. of branch
  • Issues dashboard contain open issues, closed issues, comment on any of the issues.
  • Pull Request panel which shows open and closed pull request
  • Fork and Release contains details such as the user who had forked any repositories with its time
  • Advanced Xml is used with the features of drilldowns, alerts and reports

Zyxel Firewall Monitoring App for Splunk

In today's computing world, firewall is must for network security system build, as it prevents unauthorized access to or from a private network. It monitors and controls incoming and outgoing network traffic based on predetermined security rules.

Below are the major use cases for this app are to investigate

  • Zyxel firewall info
  • Usage statistics
  • Security inspection

The Zyxel firewall monitor app is based on logs that has being forwarded to splunk by receiving at port 514 which is default. Also the apps default setting for index, sourcetype is being saved in Eventtype, you can change this setting as per your configuration from the link provided in apps home dashboard.

osTicket Addon - Support Ticket System

OS Ticket Addon for Splunk is an alert action which creates ticket, when an alert is triggered in Splunk. The addon uses API key to communicate with OS Ticket Platform. Also multiple parameters would be required to create tickets in OS Ticket Platform

OS Ticket Addon for Splunk provides a dashboard which will gives an overview of:

  • Successfully created tickets
  • Detailed overview of tickets
  • Analysis of failure over week
  • Payload details of tickets