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Terms and Conditions for our Activation Keys.

  1. Activation Keys are unique to each of our Apps and they can be either purchased or renewed multiple times. Trial Keys are valid for 90 days starting from the moment you register (GMT). On the other hand, paid ones are non-expiring and can be used forever.
  2. Avotrix holds the authority to update any of the Avotrix-owned apps for fixes and upgrades. In such cases, the same key might not be compatible with the new version of the App. On the contrary in the case of non-Expiring Paid Keys, you only need to acquire a key once and it will work in perpetuity for all current and future versions of the App.
  3. The key validation happens locally on the Splunk host and doesn't need Internet connectivity for registration or any callbacks.
  4. It is advised to provision one Activation key for one Splunk host whether on-premise or Cloud Instance where the App is deployed. For on-premise, the Data onboarding App (TA) generally gets installed in the Heavy Forwarder in a Distributed environment.
  5. An Activation key purchased includes One-time dedicated support. For dedicated support from the Avotrix Team please browse our other support options as well.
  6. Offline purchases are provisioned via the customer sending us a Purchase Order to which will we send a Tax Invoice. For Offline purchases, your Key(s) will be distributed once payment has been made. In the interim, we may provide you with an extended trial key.
  7. If you lose your Activation Key you may request a replacement by emailing us at
  8. If you didn’t receive your Activation Key email, it is possible that your spam filters/email security rules blocked ‘’.
  9. Just email us back at and we'll send out your Activation Key details to another email address you provide that is not blocked.
  10. If you purchased an Activation Key for the wrong App, then please contact us at so we can ensure you get the correct key at no additional cost.
  11. If you made a duplicate purchase in error, and require a refund then please contact us at so we can process the refund.
  12. In all other cases, Activation Key purchases are non-refundable.
  13. Any attempt to misuse or tamper with your Activation Key constitutes a breach of these terms and conditions.
  14. Any breach of these terms and conditions will result in the deletion of your registration details and termination of your Activation Key with no refund.
  15. By accepting the given terms, you have also subscribed to our email notifications.
  16. We promise not to SPAM you and instead keep you posted with the latest updates!